Movie Poster 2


Here is a second movie-ish poster I wanted to make in a similar style of De Stijl.


Photo Gallery

Due to limitation of this site not supporting flash files a remote link is required to view any animated photo galleries. To access a small one I’ve made, click HERE

Movie Poster

movie_poster1I tried to get a constructivist feel for this, keeping to a limited palette and simple 2D shapes.


I tried to find a common theme, it being places of learning, or old places where books/knowledge is stored.


A few typographys I made in illustrator. The first one is text that are curving along a path. Its using papyrus font. The second one is a 3D & hollowed-out with a sligh rotation. The last one is using a gothic font and is over a gradient.

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” I think can be seen from the other perspective. In all respect to the visual image, I think a word can be worth a thousands pictures. When I say the word “you”, what comes to mind: hair/eye color?  Certain past experiences you’ve been through? Certain personality traits or things you are interested in? You had at least some images flashing through your mind. The mind is an amazing organ that paints pictures of characters, enviroments, entire worlds almost instantaneously all with a few words. Tolkein is one of my favorite authors and his habit of describing every rock and tree and what kind of moss grows maybe a on the extreme side. I’ve had several friends say they couldn’t stand that, that it was too slow or added filler. I personally enjoyed that aspect of it though. The descriptions helped me picture what he was trying to convey and for someone who hasn’t seen or experienced what some obscure plant looked like was really helpful.

Picture the Other

I live in a apartment complex that mostly consists of elderly neighbors, so I thought, why not use one of them as my subject for this project.