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Google Earth


I just heard another story where another country is having issues with Google Earth having satellite pictures of military facilities and is asking them to use old pictures instead. I can understand their wanting to keep things hidden. Another duality with technology being useful and intruding, depending on who is using it for what purpose.


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As a viewer of both American cartoons and Anime I’ve been noticing many, many differences that are making me lean farther and farther away from American cartoons. The main difference in my opinion to put it bluntly is that American cartoons are shallow. I tend to classify American cartoons under two categories: the 1st being the whackier type of cartoon with no real plot to speak of, few examples would be flintstones, tom and jerry, scooby do. These have short, usually 30 segments that are wrapped up in a short amount of time with no central plot that extends much beyond 2 or 3 episodes. The 2nd category falling under the superhero, or just hero genre. Few examples would be superman, batman, spiderman, or later ones like thundercats, etc. These tend to have more sophisticated themes to them sometimes with an overall plot with backstory. But much of the time the animation is dodgy and the plot predictable; aka the classic hero wins, bad guy looses while nice in that you know there is a happy ending takes some of the mystery out.

This is to say that I don’t like American cartoons, I have several that are my favorites that I love to watch. Justice league (the newest rendition) I think was excellent. While not really a consistent plot, they do have many references to past episodes and the humor was spot on and sometimes very subtle. But anime presents many elements that American cartoons won’t, or are afraid to put in. This could be due to censorship or culture tastes and preferences. I see anime having two major key elements. The first being unpredictability. The viewer has no idea if any of the characters are gonna die. And I can name several series where the main hero/character does die; sometimes as a result of his choices or something else. This to me presents a more real view of life. Life doesn’t always have a happy ending. Another thing about anime is that the main character(s) may start out as total jerks, or even the bad guy, but as the story progresses their personality evolves or in one case who I thought were the good guys turned out the be the bad guys in last few episodes. The other major element being detail. I am continually surprised at attention to detail in some anime series. Whether its sound or in the animation. A few examples being the rustle of clothing when a character walks, or the sound whistling through a window with the creak of a house. Subtle body language or small detail of a background object that has no real purpose but fits there as if in real life. One of the most notable produces (even over here in the west) is Hayao Miyazaki. Famous for his animated movies like: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle. His art style borders on paintings and great attention to detail is given.

Anime does have its faults, some series totally bombed or are only 3 episodes long, some are totally off the wall and make no sense. But disregarding those the majority have a very enjoyable and sometimes can be very moving.

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Book Project

This is my book project. I based it on the Eyewitness style of books. Because the pages are supposed to be opened like a book, many of the pictures and text overlap.

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A Dream World






This is one pictures from one of my favorite artists (don’t know who they are). I like the crisp, sharp, clean feeling. The comibination of scenics with space imagery is something I don’t see very often. The smooth transition from space to the clouds to the sky gives an interesting angle of perspective.

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