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Our assignment was to try to duplicate this example as closely as possible. My finished work:



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Digital Blasphemy

One of my favorite wallpaper sites is Digital Blasphemy. A site dedicated to artists to put up their digital graphic art. It used to have 25 pages of free wallpaper submitted by artists but that has recently dropped to five. To get ascess to more of the site, a monthly fee is required. I like the idea of having galleries and sites like this. It gives artists a chance to show off their work as well as provide a networking platform to potential job opportunities.1196372998383oj4

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Movie Poster 2


Here is a second movie-ish poster I wanted to make in a similar style of De Stijl.

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Photo Gallery

Due to limitation of this site not supporting flash files a remote link is required to view any animated photo galleries. To access a small one I’ve made, click HERE

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Movie Poster

movie_poster1I tried to get a constructivist feel for this, keeping to a limited palette and simple 2D shapes.

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I tried to find a common theme, it being places of learning, or old places where books/knowledge is stored.

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